Lindsey Godfrey Eccles


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Short Stories:

"In This Dress, Stitched of Anger, I Thee Wed" - April 2024, Gamut Magazine (originally published July 2022, Orpheus + Eurydice Unbound, Air and Nothingness Press)

"If These Whales Could Talk" - September 2023, Fusion Fragment

"War Doesn't Know What it Wants" - May 2023, PodCastle

"All These Ghosts Are Playing To Win" - May 2023, Uncanny Magazine

"How to Tell the Sex of an Octopus" - December 2022, Ninth Letter

"A Star Is Born" - July 2022, Fantasy Magazine

"Suit Yourself" - December 2018, The Writing Disorder


"Wolfchild," April 2024, MONKEYBICYCLE

"The Syntax of Silk" - October 2023, The Librarian Card Catalogue, Air and Nothingness Press

"On the Corner of Fulton and West" - September 2022, PodCastle

"Cut the Cord!" - May 2019, Hobart Pulp


"Show Me Who You Are," 2024, Black Warrior Review

"Dagger-Shaped Heart," flash, 2024, Baffling Magazine

"When Mountains Were People," 2024, Cleaver Magazine

"The Last Voyage of Captain Black," flash, 2024, Salamander Magazine